How the breadth of Zoho's applications helps Booking Live manage its entire business.

BookingLive offers scheduling solutions for businesses of all types and sizes, enabling you to maximize online interactions, engagement, and profit. Their scheduling system isflexible, adaptive, and technically efficient, no matter your business needs.


Leads for BookingLive come from many different sources. In order to keep track of their lead sources and potentials, they needed a reliable CRM. They wanted a CRM that was cost-effective, intuitive, and secure, so discovering the right CRM for their needs was a great challenge.

Without Zoho, tracking and managing customers who visit BookingLive wouldn't be possible.


Zoho CRM helps us easily filter leads and look up contacts on a daily basis. It is quite modular and helps us share information with our downstream systems. The conversion of lead to contact or account is painless and we can log information on any sales process no matter what stage it's in. With Zoho Reports, it's easy to see the bigger picture for our company, while Zoho Books made our billing processes much easier.


All Zoho products are integrated and that helps us save time. We can all see customer details and activities in one place, keeping us in the loop no matter what. For us, Zoho acts as a central system to perform any business action. Zoho not only addresses our business needs, but also any issues that arise with their great support services. "Without Zoho, we wouldn't be able to keep track of customers interested in BookingLive" - Matt King, Sales Director.

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