JusCollege’s Sales Increase from $1 Million to $20 Million in Only Two Years because of Zoho CRM.

JusCollege was founded in 2010 as a solution for “everything having to do with college.” Later in mid-2012, they narrowed their focus and emerged as a startup hospitality company focused on booking vacations for large groups of college students. They offer their services to 80,000+ members and 700 collegiate organizations at over 100 universities. They believe in giving customers plenty of choice, creating amazing experiences, and offering only the best in customer service.


It was an internal incident that prompted the search for a CRM solution.“We were using Google Docs for sales tracking, and one day we accidentally deleted a very key Google doc with important customer information. That’s because Google Docs wasn’t really meant to be used as a sales tool," said Allan Teruel, the co-founder and CTO of JusCollege.After this incident, the JusCollege team decided they needed to seek out and invest in a software tool designed to manage sales pipelines.

Once they began their search, they realized that their main challenge would be to find a tool that could effectively manage both a large volume of contacts in the sales flow and their profitable deals. “Each of our sales was averaging between $10,000-$200,000," said Alan, "and we badly needed a CRM to help manage these large groups.”

JusCollege effectively managed the large volume of contacts flowing through the sales pipeline and increased its sales from $1 million to $20 million in only two years.


When JusCollege began their search for a CRM system, they were just a small team of three people that didn't have the capital they currently have today. They needed a CRM solution that was not only affordable, scalable, and easily accessible for each member, but that also automated certain processes and made teamwork much easier. "We wanted access to each other’s potentials to make collaboration easy. We needed something that automated our workflow so that when we do change-stages, the right people are alerted and the right emails go out," Allan said. When they took all of these requirements into account, Zoho CRM was the only multifacted solution that could handle all of the company's specific needs at an incredible value.. “I played with Zoho CRM and immediately felt that it did everything that we needed it to do, and did it very easily," said Allan. "It managed our whole sales pipeline, from the leads to potentials, to nurturing the whole deal, and closing the win.”


Since switching to Zoho CRM, JusCollege has effectively managed the large volume of contacts flowing through the sales pipeline and has already increased its sales from $1 million to $20 million in just two years. "We attribute this to Zoho – being organized, getting more visibility, seeing where the problem points are, and restructuring our business. Being able to assign activities back and forth between our distributed team is extremely valuable to us," Allan said.

Allan and his team at JusCollege have found so much success with Zoho CRM, and they're hoping to find more. "We are ready to make a bigger investment into Zoho and increase our use of workflows and automations." --Allan Tereul, Co-Founder/CTO

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