The Lead Exchange Finds Reliability and Ease-of-Use Switching to Zoho CRM

The Lead Exchange is a revolutionary platform designed to make insurance agencies more competitive in today’s challenging marketplace. The company's mission is to enrich their partner agencies by giving them access to all the standard markets available in the state of Florida. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, a dedicated sales team of insurance professionals, and the most competitive pricing available, The Lead Agency can give your agency an edge over the competition.


After the company performed an update to their previous CRM, their worst nightmare happened: they lost all their data. They knew they needed to find a new, more reliable system as soon as possible. "We wanted to shift to a CRM that would be easy to implement, full-featured, and guaranteed not to ‘put us out’ for any period of time, since we were not prepared to lose even a single penny," said Mitchell, director of agency sales at The Lead Exchange.

Knowing what you want and what your business needs is more vital than ever.


According to Mitchell, "Knowing what you want and what your business needs is more vital than ever." His company needed a CRM that could facilitate growth and provide clear and actionable sales data. It also needed to be scalable over time and consistently easy-to-use so that businesses can continue to serve their customers without any slip in quality of service. "That is what excited us about Zoho," said Mitchell. "It seemed to embody exactly those values."


The Lead Exchange’s transition to Zoho was ultimately straightforward and problem-free, and almost immediately, the company has seen a lot of improvements in its productivity levels. "Zoho makes communication with our partner agents so much easier, and we are really glad we made the switch."

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