Market Dojo Prospers by Relying on Zoho CRM as the 'Linchpin' of Their System

Market Dojo is a UK-based procurement software company with a team of seven employees. The company offers online software to assist businesses in procurement with collecting information and negotiating with suppliers.

The Challenge:

When co-founder/director Alun Rafique and his colleagues from Bristol University started Market Dojo, a procurement software company, they knew right off the bat that they needed a CRM solution to be successful.

"My background is in procurement and sales," Rafique said, "so I immediately understood the need for a CRM in supporting the growth of a new business."

During the initial CRM search however, Rafique was presented with a number of different options. Scalability and simplicity were paramount so he set out to quickly determine which CRM would be the best fit.

With the smooth integration of all Zoho products, we're seeing higher rates of client retention and client growth


"I've used a lot of CRM systems in the past from Sales Logic and Goldmine to Salesforce and Onyx, and we liked Zoho for a number of reasons," Rafique said. "The value-to-cost ratio is incredible, and the applications are incredibly user-friendly. That being said, the seamless integration of the CRM with other Zoho products was ultimately the paramount feature for us." As a metrics-driven organization, this type of "seamless" fusion among applications is vital not only to Market Dojo's operation but also to the quality of service the team provides their clients.

"Zoho CRM is the linchpin of our entire system," Rafique said. "And I know that while integration is possible with several external applications, integration between applications that all exist in the same ecosystem is a much smoother and more efficient data management process. Without this type of data centralization, I don't think it's possible to grow effectively."

"I think we'd have less flexibility and less efficiency if we weren't using applications within the same ecosystem, and we wouldn't be able to provide the same level of quality service to our clients. With the smooth integration of products, we're seeing higher rates of client retention and client growth."


The impact of Zoho on Market Dojo has been two-fold, according to its Director.

"Zoho apps have really shaped and defined our business processes and made them incredibly efficient," explained Rafique. "I know it is a huge contributor in making our business prosper. Zoho also enables us to deliver an exemplary customer experience including better overall support to clients by tracking customer feedback and providing even better audit ability to them."

Market Dojo's outlook for their future is confident and optimistic. Rafique indicated that they are actively seeking to "enhance and embrace" the Zoho ecosystem even more fully. "We would like to apply the same philosophies we've used for our current Zoho products to even more of Zoho's offerings," he said.

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