Pepperstone Financial discovers "bull market" growth through email marketing and API integration in Zoho CRM.

Pepperstone Financial is an execution only foreign exchange (forex) brokerage firm, providing access to fair, competitive, and transparent pricing across all major currency pairs. Based in Melbourne, Australia, they equip traders with best-in-class trading technology and customer service.


Pepperstone needed a way to reduce data entry tasks, automate email marketing, track leads, and optimize conversions into live trading accounts. Their existing solutions meant capturing customer data and juggling it into their CRM as well as their email lists and other internal documentation. With Pepperstone's explosive growth, this would have been a full time job.

Zoho CRM has saved Pepperstone a great deal of time and energy when it comes to processing new customer applications.


Using Insert API, Pepperstone was able to integrate data with Zoho, and make full use of the extensive features and high quality customer support, especially for the Developer API. Zoho has also reduced cost-of-ownership compared to other CRM software, as well as the costs paid to manually enter all the data. API tickets are scheduled every six days using a cron job, and PHP is used to turn our webform data into XML strings for lead creation in Zoho CRM.

Pepperstone chose Zoho for its extensive features, pricing and developer API documentation.

  1. Pepperstone uses the Insert API method to integrate with Zoho and has been very pleased with the results.
  2. Pepperstone uses a Cron job to schedule the creation of the API ticket every six6 days.
  3. Pepperstone has used PHP to parse the web form data into an XML string and create leads in Zoho CRM.


Zoho allowed us to grow and expand at a crucial time for our business, helping to automate a lot of marketing and followup tasks. Their ability to integrate so many different features really allows for a lot of customization and versatility, which we need.

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