Proteomics trusts Zoho to run its business so it can focus on solving the world's modern science problems.

Philippe Bogard founded Proteomics Consulting to help develop modern life science and bio-informatics solutions. Bogard himself has accumulated more than twenty-seven years of experience working for top life sciences companies. Proteomics has a large network of specialists with diverse backgrounds in areas such as molecular biology, protein separation, applied physics and computer science.


Bogard tried to manage all of their leads using a Microsoft Access database, but it was tying all of his contacts to a single computer. If he didn’t have access to that particular machine, he wasn't able to update or access any crucial information. Bogard’s first real experience managing contacts was with Microsoft CRM. For those who argue that Microsoft CRM is easy to work with, Bogard agrees, "if you have it properly set up." "That can be very costly in terms of time, energy, and money," said Bogard remembering the upgrade process for Microsoft CRM from version 3 to version 4.

Having a system that's thinking for me is beautiful.


Unlike the headache he had with Microsoft CRM, it took Bogard only two hours to import 7,000 Microsoft Access contacts into Zoho CRM. That happy user experience, especially for an admittedly computer illiterate individual, was what sold Bogard on Zoho CRM. After he finished the import he realized he probably could have done it even faster if he signed up for the paid version. Since he was initially testing it out by using the free version, he could only import 1,000 contacts at a time.


Bogard is thrilled with how efficient his business has become now that he's adopted Zoho CRM into his daily routine. Unlike his Microsoft Access days, Bogard has a better view of what's going on with his business. "When you contact so many customers it can be easy to forget about calling each one back in a couple of months," Bogard said. "I don't forget anything with CRM, they remember it for me wholesale." If Bogard didn't have a CRM solution, he believes he'd be wasting an additional two hours every day just trying to make sense of his contacts and their current status. That time and reminders are precious to Bogard. Being almost sixty, he admits that his memory is getting worse. "Having a system that's thinking for me is beautiful," Bogard said.

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