Zoho Helps Entrepreneurs Learn Industry Best Practices

At Universidad de Sevilla (University of Seville), one professor—Paula Luna — has found Zoho CRM to be an invaluable asset in teaching budding entrepreneurs and marketing professionals how to meet their customers, discover opportunities, and close deals.

Each year, thousands of business professionals pursue higher education at Spanish universities. With Spain being one of the richest cultural and financial centers in the world, as well as the University of Seville being a renown institution, there is no shortage of applicants.

Luna works in the business department specializing in business administration and information systems. While she teaches a variety of students, the majority are already established marketing managers or entrepreneurs when they enroll in the MBA program at the University.

"Having so many students who have worked in the field certainly changes the way I approach teaching. These are individuals who don't necessarily need to learn the basics of business, but rather the tools and expertise that will deliver high quality results," said Luna.

A major keystone tool in her courses is Zoho Enterprise as an example of industry best practices in customer relationship management. "I used Zoho to visually demonstrate an entire sales pipeline.I show them how to convert leads to potentials (opportunities), and then I show them what they can do with this opportunity and how that whole process unfolds until a deal is made and closed," she says.

"Zoho CRM's interface is very intuitive and is really quite easy for my students to understand. But along with the simple interface are many complex workflows and automations that I can use to really demonstrate to my students the power of a robust CRM."

"With Zoho CRM being so easy to learn and use, it's easy for our students to adopt as they venture back out into the field as professionals and entrepreneurs" Luna adds. "With so many startup companies here in the south of Spain, Zoho is a great match for our market."

Why is Zoho an Excellent Tool for Training New Business Leaders?

Luna indicated that although she experimented with pretty much every CRM software on the market, she decided to implement Zoho in her classes because it offered the most flexibility.

"I ultimately settled on Zoho CRM because it had all of the tools that all of the other CRMs had, but was just so much simpler to learn, implement, and understand."

Over the past year, hundreds of graduate-level students have been introduced to Zoho in Luna's classes. The type of hands-on instruction Luna provides helps students to eventually build a model marketing campaign for their final project. Many of these business professionals have already gone on to use Zoho in their own startup endeavors after graduation.

"As I said, we have a lot of small companies in southern Spain, so it makes sense to select a software that fits our market. Small businesses don't necessarily require a complicated software to get the job done."

I ultimately settled on Zoho CRM because it had all of the tools that all of the other CRMs had, but was just so much simpler to learn, implement, and understand.

What Would You Say to Other Customers About Zoho?

"Another colleague uses a different type of software for their final projects and our students always chose the CRM. They prefer this model to others. I'd say that my students love using Zoho."

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