Australia's premier security company plans to run Zoho as the core of its systems.

Southern Cross Protection is one of the largest mobile patrol companies in Australia. Whether you need regular security patrols to your property or reliable alarm monitoring and response, their security guards are suitable for a wide range of purposes. The reliability and integrity of Southern Cross Protection means peace of mind, and their responsiveness provides the highest level of protection possible. They offer the same level of service no matter your size or industry, because they have the resources, knowledge, and nationwide coverage to provide excellence in safety and risk minimization.


Southern Cross Protection has a 90 year history of excellence in service delivery. The business wanted to complement its service delivery with a strong sales and marketing function. Initially with a small sales team and no dedicated marketing person the sales pipeline was held in excel. As the sales and account management team grew this become unmanageable. The existing operational CRM did not have the capability to cater for the sales and marketing needs. It is at this point that Southern Cross Protection decided to look for a CRM that would provide a customer centric information centre, combining the operations and sales CRM.

Zoho is an integral part to running our large operation. It is at the center of everything we do


Zoho CRM was a perfect fit for our criteria in terms of flexibility. Taking an off the shelf CRM and adapting it to the unique business needs of Southern Cross Protection. As a result, Southern Cross Protection now has over 120 direct users of Zoho and over 1200 that benefit from Zoho's APIs. "We've molded the CRM and made it not only our sales and marketing CRM, but also our operational CRM," said CFO Carlos Perez. "Zoho has become our central data repository and source of truth of our data. Sales, marketing and increasingly operations run their processes in Zoho." Southern Cross Protection rolled out Zoho nationwide within 3 months initially with the help of an integrator for 4 weeks and then by internal resources.


With Zoho, we now have transparency with our sales team and as a result, the senior management is able to track at a high level where the business is sitting. With the success of integrating Zoho CRM, SXProtection has implemented a suite of other Zoho systems like Zoho Expense, Zoho Projects, and Zoho Reports. "What I find interesting is that usually an out-of-the-box CRM could not be used in this business, as the nature of our operation is so complex. But Zoho has been extremely responsive to our needs," Perez emphasized. "We see Zoho as an integral part to running our large operation, existing at the center of everything we do." "It has been a great investment," Perez added. "People like using it and it is a great value for the price."

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