Financial Solutions Company Sees Immediate Impact Implementing Zoho CRM Plus

Established in 1981, Systems East Inc. started as a bill paying and comprehensive finance solutions provider. Over time, the company has evolved into a complete financial solution that includes collections, finance management, payroll processing, and electronic payments.

Headquartered in Cortland, New York, Systems East has branches in South Carolina, Florida, and Arizona. After 36 years in business, the company wanted to create a major inflection in growth. They realized they needed someone to create engaging content for potential clients and increase overall sales and marketing efforts within the organization. That position was filled by Melissa Rogozinski, who, upon joining, knew that Systems East needed Zoho CRM Plus in order to achieve the type of growth they envisioned.

The Challenge – Implementing A New Technology

In the age of the internet where information is just a click away, prospective clients thoroughly educate themselves about a product before contacting a company. Systems East needed an expert to create content, drive prospect engagement, and track content delivery, in order to remain on top of their prospects.

Upon taking over the position of Education and Training Expert, Rogozinski insisted on working with Zoho CRM Plus from the beginning, because she knew establishing a foundation based on a flexible and full-featured platform of applications would enable the company to rapidly scale.

“When I joined Systems East, we were using a self-developed CMS that had multi-platform limitations. It didn’t connect with a campaign tool, project management, surveys or have any social media management capabilities,” said Rogozinski.

"I had previous experience using Zoho Apps so I knew that Zoho CRM Plus was just what we needed,” Rogozinski continued. “With Zoho CRM Plus, you can build your strategy and track your entire marketing efforts and sales pipeline and easily automate several tasks. I insisted on implementing Zoho CRM Plus because I knew how much time we would save and how much more organization we would gain."

With Zoho CRM Plus, we are able to tell exactly which leads to pursue, and our follow-up has become exponentially easier and more organized.

Results From Implementing Zoho CRM Plus

Immediately after implementing Zoho CRM Plus, Rogozinski and the rest of Systems East could see the difference.

“With Zoho CRM Plus, we are able to tell exactly which leads to pursue, and our follow-up has become exponentially easier and more organized,” said Rogozinski.

“Once the CRM was set up, I implemented the Zoho Projects, Zoho Campaigns, and Zoho Social with no difficulty whatsoever. My CEO has been quite impressed that I was handling so many different aspects of the strategy and project management efforts, but with all of the apps included with Zoho CRM Plus, it was actually very easy.”

Rogozinski particularly found value in some of the features of Zoho Campaigns.

“With our email campaigns, I was able to do so many things we weren’t doing before,” said Rogozinski. “For example, we designed and launched campaign sequences to our contacts and leads. Then three days later, a second email would be sent, but only to those who opened the first, and then a third to those who opened the second. We also used the Subscriber Scoring system to identify targeted opportunities. This made it easy to concentrate efforts on the people engaging with our content, thus increasing both our sales efficiency and close rate.”

Improved analytics made possible by Zoho CRM Plus have also proven critical to Rogozinski’s success. Said Rogozinski, “I’m able to upload social media content at a specific time on given days, and check the analytics to know when and what type of content receives the highest engagement. This helps me decide which social media campaigns work best and what to concentrate on.”

What Would You Say To Someone about Zoho CRM

"It has so much functionality and is so user-friendly. I was not a social media expert when I started using Zoho but because of Zoho CRM Plus, I learned that you don’t have to be an expert to create massive success," she said excitedly. “It’s so easy and so fun to use that I actually have enjoyed the implementation process… Zoho makes working with strategy, content marketing, business development and sales so incredibly easy and seemless."

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